Virtual Data Center (VDC)

Create your own cloud, as you want it

Configure your IT environment and choose your platform. All our cloud solutions are run in Bahnhofs data
centers with all data stored within Swedish borders, under Swedish jurisdiction.

Your data: controlled and owned by you

Your data is safe and secure in our state of the art data centers. Retain full control over your environment and your data. We do not interfere with or hand out data to third parties.

Under Swedish Jurisdiction

With all infrastructure in Sweden, our cloud services run under the country's strong free speech and data protection laws. Your information is protected against foreign surveillance.

Highest security

Our cloud services are run in top modern data centers built to high security and safety specs. Several leading companies and organizations trust Bahnhof as their cloud and data center provider.

Simple pricing

Avoid unpleasant surprises. Our services are priced clearly and you will always know how much you will pay as well as what is. and what isn't, included in the price.