Modern data centers with Swedish data security

Run your cloud on the latest, most environmentally friendly, technologies.

Our high-profile data centers are known worldwide. Not only because of their high technical specs and innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, but also for Bahnhof's dedication to data security and the protection of our clients data.

You have full conrol over your data without having to worry about managing infrastructure or hardware. Maximum possible up time and unbeatable dependability, with data stored in Sweden and under Swedish juridiction.

As our data centers are connected to all the major European exchange points through our own high-performance network, we guarantee high connectivity.

For clients with more traditional data center needs, we of course offer rack space and other data center solutions in all our centers.


Our data centers are designed with maximum sustainability as the objective -we re-use heat from our centers, delivering it back to the Swedish district heating network.

Safe, secure and accessible

Secure modern data center installations in all of Sweden's major cities. With our own network allowing for ultra fast, direct access to the rest of the internet in Europe's major exchange points.

Swedish Data Security

Your data is stored in Swedish Data Centers, completely under Swedish law with solid protection against foreign surveillance and against transfer of data to third parties.

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