About Bahnhof

Bahnhof is one of Sweden’s leading internet and telecom operators. We offer fast and secure internet services to corporate and private clients since 1994. Today more than 400 000 customers rely on our services to improve their lives and businesses.

We run our own fibre backbone with connections in all major European access points, ensuring fast and reliable access to our cloud services and data centers from anywhere.

Bahnhof is a Swedish company and we rely on Sweden’s robust free-speech and data protection laws to give all our international customers maximum protection against eavesdropping, corporate espionage, and leaks.

Bahnhof’s HQ is situated in Stockholm (Sweden) with local branches in Göteborg, Malmö, Umeå, Borlänge (Sweden) and Kiev (Ukraine).

Your Data: Owned by You and Controlled by You

Our customers’ data is safe with us. Since our physical infrastructure is located in Sweden, our customers’ data and apps are protected under Sweden’s robust free speech and data protection laws.

We do not interfere in our customers’ data or applications, and we don’t hand them over to third parties.

about bahnhof
based in sweden

Based in Sweden

In 2013 Bahnhof launched the initiative “Based in Sweden”, ringing the alarm on privacy-related issues as companies and organizations increasingly use the cloud to store information about businesses and people.

Since 2018 the major cloud providers Amazon, Google and Microsoft serve under US jurisdiction. If requested, they are according to the Cloud Act (H.R.4943 passed by the US Congress) mandated to provide US authorities with data. This means that data centers run by US companies in the EU cannot guarantee solid data protection to their clients.

Read more at www.basedinsweden.se

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